My first wardrobe: From their first pair of infant booties to infant grows. View Collection
My first wardrobe: From their first pair of infant booties to infant grows, shop here. View Collection
Find brightly colour rainbows, animals and insects in this happy collection of infant outfits. View Collection
A happy and colourful collection of bright outfits for infant boys. View Collection
This collection embraces adorable infant girl pieces in indigo blue with elements of pastel pink and green. View Collection
Adorable bear motifs in an Autumn palette of soft charcoal, cosy tan and blue grey. View Collection
Find a gorgeous range of prints, illustrations and colours in the infant girls’ sleepsuit shop. View Collection
Explore the infant sleepsuit shop, showcasing cute illustrations and colourful patterns. View Collection
Special occasion outfits for infant girls and toddlers, in white, pink and navy. View Collection
With infant boys’ shirts, smart denim and waistcoats, get an outfit for a special occasion from Next. View Collection
A British coast inspired collection of pretty dresses and outfits in pink, white and blue. View Collection
A cute collection for infant boys, coming in shades of blue and yellow. View Collection
Gorgeous unisex infant clothing in neutral colours, which would make for brilliant infant gifts. View Collection


Infant collections: From their very first wardrobe pieces to special occasion dresses.